Cornelius B. Prior, Jr.

Cornelius B. Prior, Jr. is the Chairman of our Board of Directors. He served as our Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board from 1998 through December 2005, at which time he retired as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Prior has served as the Chairman of CANTO (the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations) and presently is the Chairman of CCAA (Caribbean and Central American Action). He was a managing director and stockholder of Kidder, Peabody & Co. Incorporated, where he directed the Telecommunications Finance Group. A former Naval Officer and Fulbright Scholar, Mr. Prior started his career as an attorney with Sullivan & Cromwell in New York. He is a Trustee of Holy Cross College and former member of the Visiting Committee to Harvard Law School. He resides in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, where he is Chairman of the Forum, a not-for-profit arts organization, and Honorary Trustee of the Antilles School. He is also a Director of the Kneissel Music School in Blue Hill, Maine and a director of the University of North Carolina Medical School Ophthalmology Research Institute. He is the father of Michael T. Prior, our President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Prior earned his legal degree from the Harvard Law School.

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