Global Impact

ATN Business

We are committed to ensuring the well-being of the planet and we take climate change and our responsibility to preserve and protect the environment very seriously. We recognize the importance of utilizing renewable energy to increase the availability of electricity for communities and areas that do not have adequate access, while at the same time providing a lighter carbon footprint. Our Vibrant Energy subsidiary plays a significant role in making solar power available to millions of people in India. Vibrant also helps businesses and manufacturers in India reduce their own carbon footprints through increased use of renewable energy. In addition, as made clear by the 2020 global pandemic due to COVID-19, businesses are increasingly connecting remotely via high speed data access, as opposed to interstate travel, which will lead to further reduction in carbon emissions. ATN believes in decreasing the digital divide by building out network access in historically under-served locales, while at the same time expanding access to critical services like healthcare and education.

Social Responsibility

ATN International and our subsidiaries are committed to making a difference in the communities that we serve.

  • We are working to change the way technology is used in our communities
  • ATN partners with local governments and institutions to develop tomorrow’s leaders, engineers and inventors
  • We promote behavioral and social change and invest in the health and sustainability of our communities at a grass roots level
  • In addition to our corporate programs, we encourage and recognize our employees who donate their time and talent on a regular basis

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