ATN International (ATN) and its portfolio of companies own and operate communications companies and renewable energy assets in the US and internationally. Founded in 1987, ATN is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange and is headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, U.S.A. 

Focus on Under-Served Markets and Shared Infrastructure Solutions

We operate our communications businesses primarily in smaller, rural or otherwise under-served markets. We also target larger market opportunities where we can offer a shared communications infrastructure or neutral host solution to create more efficient deployment of capital by service providers and customers alike. We believe that enterprise value is built by creating value for customers through improving and expanding our product and service offerings in order to better satisfy customer needs.

Discipline and Accountability

We carefully assess the potential for cash flow stability and growth when we evaluate the performance of our subsidiaries, new investment opportunities, and prospective transactions. Our financial discipline provides us with the flexibility to react quickly to value-based opportunities that arise. When opportunity knocks – we are ready. We are proud of our record of delivering strong financial results over many years and consistently growing shareholder value while expanding our business.

Collaboration with Local Management

We believe that strong local management enhances our close relationship with customers and reduces risk to ATN’s overall portfolio. We focus on hiring experienced local management teams in our operating companies, with the freedom to operate independently and creatively within fundamental parameters. ATN supports and supplements local management with strategic advice and a range of portfolio support services provided by teams of experienced operating professionals.

Environmental and Social Commitment

Through investments in modern communications networks, renewable energy and support of education and sustainability initiatives, as well as through community involvement and philanthropic efforts, we and our affiliates are working to make the world a better place. We strive to conduct our business in a socially responsible manner and set an example of high standards of corporate citizenship.

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