Political Support and Engagement

Rapid changes in policy require ATN International, Inc. to assert its voice to continually inform and educate lawmakers on issues affecting all stakeholders and, most importantly, the needs of our customers. While we are members of various trade organizations that advocate on our behalf, at times our position on an issue may differ from that of other members. In addition, the composition of our services and subsidiary activities is unique and often requires an approach that is specific to the Company.

The Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. Political Action Committee (“ATN PAC”) was created to assist ATN and its subsidiaries to support federal candidates whose political philosophies and positions are compatible with the interests of ATN and its subsidiaries. ATN PAC is a non-profit, non-partisan committee registered with the Federal Election Commission and governed by the ATN PAC Committee. ATN has policies and procedures in place to ensure that the Company complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. ATN PAC accepts voluntary contributions from eligible employees, officers and directors of ATN and its subsidiaries. In order to advance the Company’s interests, ATN PAC uses those funds to support candidates for elected office at the U.S. federal level only.