ATN International and our subsidiaries are committed to doing more to make a positive difference in the communities that we serve.  

  • We are working to change the way technology is used in the communities we serve.
  • We partner with local governments and institutions to develop tomorrow’s leaders, engineers and inventors.
  • We promote behavioral and social change and invest in the health and sustainability of our communities at a grass roots level.
  • In addition to our corporate programs, we encourage and recognize our employees who donate their time and talent on a regular basis.



The Student Conservation Assocation

ATN International sponsors the Student Conservation Association (SCA) in Arizona.  The SCA program provides dozens of youth a conversation experience comprised of entirely Navajo or Diné students.The teenaged crews repair trails and restores habitats, though much time is also devoted to better understanding the Diné culture. Park staff routinely share their scientific and historic knowledge, and crew members interact with local musicians, artists and storytellers.