ATN International and our subsidiaries are committed to doing more to make a positive difference in the communities that we serve.  

  • We are working to change the way technology is used in the communities we serve.
  • We partner with local governments and institutions to develop tomorrow’s leaders, engineers and inventors.
  • We promote behavioral and social change and invest in the health and sustainability of our communities at a grass roots level.
  • In addition to our corporate programs, we encourage and recognize our employees who donate their time and talent on a regular basis.

Viya Awards 2019 Scholarships For Two First-Year College Students In The US Virgin Islands

Viya, the premier telecommunications provider in the US Virgin islands, today announced that two USVI students were awarded 2019 Viya Scholarships for first-year college students in the Territory.  Viya Scholarships are awarded to two Virgin Islands high school seniors—one in each district-- who have already been accepted to a college or a university to pursue a degree in one of the following areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Business Administration, Accounting or related fields. The winning student in each district is awarded a one-time $10,000 scholarship to be used for tuition.

Mojania Denis of St. Croix and Kevin Hughes, II of St. Thomas were selected as the 2019 Scholars. These outstanding individuals were chosen from a total of 41 applicants from all three islands.  This fall Denis will enroll at the University of Miami to major in Civil Engineering and Hughes plans to pursue a dual degree in International Relations and Communications at Syracuse University in the fall.

Jennifer Matarangas-King, Vice President of Public Relations and Governmental Affairs for Viya stated, “Viya has bestowed over $400,000 in college scholarships to talented Virgin Islanders over the last ten years. Through scholarships, internships, support for educational programs and youth initiatives, Viya consistently encourages the development of the next generation of Virgin Islands leaders.”

“Viya is very proud of our 2019 scholarship recipients and we wish them heartfelt congratulations as they pursue their academic endeavors. Both of them expressed an interest in applying their knowledge and skills to assist the Territory and we look forward to seeing them excel in their respective careers,” concluded Matarangas-King.


St. Michaels Clinic and NTUA Wireless: Improving Lives with Tele-Medicine

St. Michaels Clinic is passionate about early detection of diabetes and peripheral artery disease (PAD) – and in saving feet and limbs. Left untreated, diabetes can lead to PAD, decreased blood flow to feet and limbs, and eventually require amputations. With the high rate of diabetes on the Navajo Nation, this is an issue close to home. Donovan Yazzie, Medical Assistant at the Clinic notes that “We are all affected in a way – either we know somebody or we are affected ourselves.  Knowing that we can help people is what makes us strive to do our work the best we can with all the technology that we have here.”

The technology that Donovan is referring to is the ultrasound scan that allows for early detection of circulatory issues.  Patients can be scanned locally at St. Michaels Clinic, the scan is then sent over using high-speed fiber optic internet service provided by NTUA Wireless (NTUAW) to the physicians at Modern Vascular, and together they work with patients for a treatment plan. The Clinic formed this relationship, enabled by NTUAW connectivity, as “a partnership of physicians coming together to make sure the focus is the community and for people to be able to know that there can still be a good and productive life after a diabetes diagnosis,” says Dr. Catherine Torres, Medical Director of St. Michaels Clinic.

The mission of St. Michaels Clinic is to provide high quality primary care and help the community have healthy and productive lives.  For CEO Daniel Johnson, this means serving anyone who walks through the door – and providing care utilizing technology that is taken for granted in most non-rural areas. In addition to ultrasound scans and onsite lab work, the Clinic is also working to setup video calling via Skype for people to talk with their doctors in Phoenix or Flagstaff.  Mr. Johnson acknowledges the need for access to high speed broadband service to be able to deliver on its mission. After hearing that St. Michaels Clinic’s sister clinic in Sanders, AZ had recently signed up for internet service with  NTUAW, a provider of wireless and broadband services on the Navajo Nation, Mr. Johnson contacted NTUAW about the mission of St. Michael’s clinic and the need for reliable (and affordable) broadband service. He was pleased to learn that NTUAW, as a Navajo Owned and Navajo Proud company, was eager to join the cause.   Because NTUAW is able to provide a fiber-optic solution with unlimited bandwidth, the St. Michaels Clinic is now able to work with doctors in Phoenix and Flagstaff to bring these health care services to the Navajo Nation. Now, he says, “We’re ahead of our time here to start doing these kinds of things, especially with radiology information.  The images can easily be sent through our new connectivity here.”   

Dr. Torres wants to spread the word that even with a diabetes diagnosis you don’t always have to be on insulin, and you can still do your job and have a great life.  “Part of it is diet and activity and getting your follow ups done. You can still do the things you were doing, just not with certain foods. We need to go back to eating what our ancestors ate, which was not fast foods.”  Modern Vascular is soon opening a clinic in Tse Bonito, so patients who need interventional procedures can do so closer to home and take care of their feet and limbs – and prevent future amputations. So next time you drive through St. Michaels stop by St. Michaels Clinic and remember – Ya’ah’teeh.  All are welcome here. You can also check out St. Michaels Clinic online at or learn more about NTUAW’s service offerings at or 928-781-8999.

Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands Receives $20,000 Donation from Viya

The importance of CFVI Angels was never more apparent  than in 2017 when the Virgin Islands were devastated by  hurricanes Irma and Maria, and CFVI was in a position to  help - immediately!  Because of the trust invested in us by  our Angels, CFVI has been able to provide leadership and  guidance during this critical period of recovery and building  forward, providing hundreds of grants and scholarshops on  St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. Our giving reached into  every corner of the Virgin Islands and affected thousands of  lives.

Viya CEO Geraldine Pitt stated, "Viya is committed to giving back to our communities in whatever way we can because we understand that the community has supported Viya throughout the years. What is special about this sponsorship is that it demonstrates the power of partnership and leading by example as the funds are mostly contributions from our vendors and employees. We are proud to partner with the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands because we share similar missions for rebuilding the Territory. Viya continues to be an exemplary partner in the economic development of the US Virgin Islands and this is just one of the many ways we demonstrate our commitment to its citizens." 


US Telecom Supports Children of Navajo Nation in the Spirit of Teambuilding

At this years US Telecom Kick-Off Meeting, teambuilding was in high gear, and all for a great cause! The challenge was tough. Twenty-six teams competed for points - which were then used towards items to fill backpacks for some lucky students of the Rock Point Community School, in Rock Point, AZ!  Rock Point Community School educates approximately 400 Students, grades k-12 from many of the surrounding areas, including Navajo Nation. The back packs were delivered to the kindergarten class and they loved the bags and they all said "thank you/Ahe'hee"!


The Student Conservation Assocation

ATN International sponsors the Student Conservation Association (SCA) in Arizona.  The SCA program provides dozens of youth a conversation experience comprised of entirely Navajo or Diné students.The teenaged crews repair trails and restores habitats, though much time is also devoted to better understanding the Diné culture. Park staff routinely share their scientific and historic knowledge, and crew members interact with local musicians, artists and storytellers.